Hire Ed

I am currently a Route Specialist for Ruckers Candy, but do a lot of other things too! I am an independent Website Sales Professional, providing website designs and hosting services through Moonlight Computing, I am a Professional Photographer and offer my services on-site. I can help you with post processing Editing Services and also offer Professional Photo Scan Services and Slide-Show presentations. Ask me for a FREE no obligation quote!

I can even provide Camera Training (Video or stills) to you in your home or to a group at your place of business.

I am also a Computer Consultant and provide one-on-one client assistance, on-site at your home or place of business. Service is provided at $60 per hour, with a $30 minimum charge. The current IRS mileage rate is charged outside of the city of Lawrenceville.

I personally own a PowerPoint Projector and screen which can be used for group presentations, weddings, receptions, parties, reunions and training sessions and/or to show your photos or videos.  Typically, I charge $60 per hour the "bulb is on", with a minimum $30 charge. The current IRS mileage rate is charged outside of the city of Lawrenceville.  I also have available; speakers, a laptop, a pointer and can also provide you a slideshow of my pictures around Lawrence County. Tell me what you need and I'll provide you a no obligation quote!


So, if you see one posted here on my website, Facebook, Panoramio, or see me taking a picture, then ask me!  My prices vary, but I typically sell a 4 X 6 - $10, 5 x 7 - $15.00, 8 x 10 - $25.00, 8.5 x 11 - $30.00, 11 x 14 - $35.00, 12 x 18 - $40.00, 16 x 20 - $50.00, 16 x 24 - $60.00.  Any photo can be matted and prices vary depending on their size. (Please note: the photos you see posted are at low resolution and may need further editing. Final product will be at full resolution and will be much sharper)

Preprinted, matted photos of the old Lawrenceville High School are available on demand and can be seen HERE. These matted photos can be easily be mounted in a frame of your choosing.

I also can produce 360 degree photos for anyone, day or night shots.  I'll be happy to come to your location, (Standard IRS mileage charge outside Lawrenceville) shoot all the photos, stitch them together and provide you with a link. The link can be embedded in a website, e-mailed or posted on Facebook too. Cost is $75 each and $50 each thereafter, at the same location.